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I just found this picture of Antonella on a football website, not sure if it is her though…. somehow this girl doesn’t look like her and to top it off I think she wouldn’t get her picture taken only wearing underwear (well she probably would for Leo but that is a total different thing…hahaha)

So what do you think, is this her?

For some reason the pic won’t load so I can’t see it :( Is it, by any chance, this one?? Because I often see it in pages claiming the girl is Anto when she clearly isn’t… Maybe you can send it again so I can take a look?? :)

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Encontre esta foto por instagram y atras veo a Jorge hablando con un señor que me parece que es el padre de Anto. Vos que opinas?

Ummmm, no me parece. El señor de esa foto parece un poco mas obeso y se le ve el cabello blanco/gris en el costado. El papá de Anto tiene el cabello todavia negro, o al menos asi lo vi durante el Mundial. No estoy segura, la verdad :/

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so leo was single at the time, why would he want to chat or flirt with other women’s, it seemed he did not missed antonella after they broke up

Welllll idk, there are many ways to look at it. The one you said, maybe he was looking for a rebound, maybe they were just friends chatting up. Either way, as far as we know (because the girl said so herself), nothing happened between them and Leo and Anto got back together soon after supposedly breaking up.

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sabrina said on a interwiew that he was flirting with her when they were chatting and also he was single

lmao if what I remember of that chat was Leo’s idea of flirting I’m quite disappointed tbh…….

Nahhh jk!!! :P Well, it’s kind of nice actually that a girl with actual proof of having some sort of relationship with Leo denied anything (beyond a few chats) happened and also clarified that he was single then so no harm was really done.

Anonymous said to :

do you think this might be the reason leo does not date celebrities because they sell out their private times with messi to the press and he feel they betray him for money or making him like “Justin Bieber”

Well, I like to think that he didn’t date any famous gal because he had Anto on his mind (naive, I know!!!) but yeah, maybe. I mean, we all know his family is overprotective so I’m sure they also had a say in Leo’s early love(sex?) life and about the kind of girls they would let get close to him.

Besides, I remember a number of cases of Argie “”“models”“” who ran to the tabloids or were on tv claiming they had been with him (with no proof) just for the fame and attention. So I guess that became a turn off for him.

Anonymous said to :

What is the video?

I saw it on youtube but that was like four years ago so idk if it’s still there. You’ll have to google that anon :)

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they are charming

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Anonymous mused
Sabrina dijo que Leo estaba soltero. :)

Ahhh okay, al menos aclaró eso jaja :P

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i have read on the line for some few years ago and there is this video where messi and sabrina ravelli is webcam chatting, and sabrina is a model from argentina, i have read on google that her ex who is a soccer player who his a friend of messi said he had a crush or flirt with her and they where talking on the webcam secretly and this video is actually in youtube and in this article says that his grandfather said anto and leo had broken up and he was secretly chatting with her many times while

she was dating her ex even when her ex did not know and now they not longer together

this video is from 2011 or 2010

Hahaha yeah, I remember that video!! I honestly don’t know much about her side of the story except that she said that it was just that, innocent messages. Um,  I don’t remember exactly what they were chatting about either but it was really tame to be considered a big scandal. I think they were just joking and he was complimenting her and I think he also was asking her to turn around for him but that was it, like I remember people were even disappointed because they were hoping for something juicy, like him asking her to show off her goods or something lol :P

That said, I don’t remember what his situation with Antonela was in that moment but it might be around that time when his grandfather made that comment and I’m pretty sure it was from 2010 because in the video Leo was wearing one of Barça’s hot pink training shirts :)

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Anonymous mused
Ho dear, saw a pic of daniella and nidale lately just want to know what kind of brand have nidale chain bracelet with diamonds? Thank u

Oh gosh, I’m not the best person to ask this… Ummm, taking a wild guess I’d say her jewelry is Cartier but I’m not sure, you should ask this to the blogs dedicated to find and identify the stuff WAGs usually wear like fcbarcelonawagsstyle :)

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14 years at Barça ♥

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Who’s ready for Champions League?

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Leo se volvió a cortar el pelo :(, se ve mucho mas tierno con el pelito mas largo, cuando se lo corta se ve mas grande , como su cara no tan dulce jajajaj nose si me explique..

Jajaja, pues creo que si te entendí! :P Lo que pasa es que con cabello largo como que se ve mas niño, por eso se le ve la carita mas tierna. En cambio cuando se lo corta ya se ve mas maduro y de su edad, que imagino es la razón por la que ya no se lo deja largo, no se…

A mi me gusta de cualquier forma pero esa epoca de 2010-2012 siempre sera mi favorita en cuanto a su corte de cabello lol

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Lionel Messi in FIFA 15 trailer.

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Anonymous mused
Those 2010 tennis pictures are cute. Anto was pretty back then. For me, now not so much. I also prefer her hair her natural color and not so much make up. It's not just physical age and weight gain that is different it's also she doesn't seem as sweet.

lmao I disagree with pretty much everything you said, except maybe, about her hair color but that’s because (for me) brunettes »»»»> blondes. Well, it’s a matter of taste obviously. She looks stunning yet approachable (imo) and that’s the best possible combination, it’s my greatest weakness :P

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Messi via Instagram: "With my nephew, Agus!"

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Actually Antonella never studied. This was confirmed once.

Really?? Where, when, who confirmed it???

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Antonella keeps getting more perfect and beautiful! :D I love her so so much <3

She’s such a doll ♥♥♥

Anonymous said to :

Do you prefer Antonella’s hair dark or light ? I prefer her hair dark but she does suit both

Wellll, personally I’m more into brunettes than blondes so I also prefer her with dark hair but she looks pretty whatever color she has :)

Anonymous said to :

Does Antonella live in London or Barcelona?

lol I don’t know if this is a legit question or an attempt to throw shade at her but whatevs, she lives in Castelldefels :)

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Leo and Antonela playing tennis [11 April 2010 - Barcelona]

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