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Antonela with Úrsula Notz

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since jorge said that leo want to protect his family away from the spotlight, why does anto post photos of thiago and lia together and write they are lovers since they are only 1 years old and dont know what boyfriend and girlfriend is cause that gives the press and media to much to write! he post little photo of thiago and even family and friends dont post publicity because of the spotlight

I don’t think that’s the same tho. I think what Jorge meant was that he wants to keep their privacy as in protect them from always being hounded by paparazzi and avoiding businesses with mags/tv and stuff (no interviews, photoshoots, etc). Otherwise, Leo himself wouldn’t have shared personal pics but he’s done that. Keeping them away from the spotlight doesn’t mean he wants his partner and his son to hide and never go out or anything like that. Also, that thing with Thiago and Lia is mainly a joke too so let’s not act like Antonela is doing something wrong there.

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Anto cuando volverá a Barcelona? 

Con seguridad no sabria decirte, pero creo que ella ya esta de vuelta :)

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Micaela, sister of Úrsula - who tragically lost her life on the accident at Parque Norte in 2005 - was invited to talk about the NGO from Rosario, as an example of a successful organization lead by young people. Talking about Compromiso Vial, she emphasized: "Our organization was born out of pain, when I was little, and today it’s grown stronger, with impact on public policies, clear stands and projects, all thanks to joint efforts and renewed strengths. Being part of this event shows that."

From Mexico, the NGO launched its campaign in which they invite everybody to take on a commitment to the streets, with the participation of the best player in the world, Lionel Messi. About his involvement, Micaela Notz said: "Antonela, Leo Messi’s partner, suffered a lot because of the tragedy that took my sister’s life and since then both her and Leo have always been close and very generous with us, supporting us from wherever they are and fighting for our cause."

The campaign SUMÁ TU #COMPROMISOVIAL is active on social networks and public spaces in Rosario. 

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i think that anto change a bit when she become friend with daniella and after she gave bith, she become very close with the fabregas and seemans so that might also be a reason why she is not close with maria sol cause everyone think anto has change from what she was before and now especially the fans think that

Ummm I don’t think so, for me it’s just a matter of location tbh. That’s why there are a lot more pictures of her with Daniella than with her own family or with her other friends, she’s just (geographically) closer to her but that doesn’t mean she’s the person she considers the closest, in the emotional sense I mean.

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i dont think maria sol and anto are bff, i think they are just friends because thiago is her brother son and leos girlfriend so they see each other, but anto seems to be close with her own family in rosario than with leos family cause every times she is there, she post photos and maria sol post a lot photos with rodrigo and matias wifes and not with anto and anto follows some of leos familymembers like his aount and cousins but i dont get why not his siblings cause leo does follow them?

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I think but I have no idea why she doesn’t follow them :)

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Has Antonella had any plastic surgery or similar on her face recently and what is the meaning of the surname Roccuzzo?

Not that I know of and I have no idea, you should google that :)

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Don’t you think it’s weird that Antonella doesn’t follow Leo’s sister on IG but there is a lot of pictures of the two together when they was younger which they seemed close but not anymore

Not really. I don’t think that following/not following someone on social networks means a lot tbh, especially between family but maybe I’m weird. As for the pics when they were younger, most of those were taken when Antonela still lived in Rosario, once she moved to Barcelona they stopped so I guess that was due to them not seeing each other as often as they used to. I also don’t think that shows whether they are close (or have a good relationship) or not. Besides, imo they weren’t that close when they were younger so yeah, I hope you get what I mean :P

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Que lindo Gol y que bien jugo…me hace tan feliz :), yo creo q quería batir el récord y poder celebrarlo en el camp nou, pero bueno habrá que esperar :) 

Ayyyyyy, yo queria que lo igualara en el Camp Nou y que lo rompiera en el Bernabeu!!! Hubiera sido PERFECTO!!! Pero da igual, de que lo va a romper, lo va a romper! Y siiii, jugo genial y cuando celebró su gol tenia la sonrisa mas enorme y todos los abrazos, se me salieron las lagrimas la verdad :’D

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¿Dónde está Anto?

Con exactitud no sé pero me imagino que ya esta de vuelta en Barcelona :)

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Messi’s goal against Eibar.

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Jorge Messi @ Partido de las Doce
  1. Interviewer:I think the light of his life right now is his son, your grandson...right?
  2. Jorge Messi:Right now yeah, definitely. Definitely. His face just lights up when he sees him...
  3. Interviewer:Does he play like him?
  4. Jorge Messi:(Laughs) Hehe, he's still a little kid... (Laughs)
  5. Interviewer:But does it seem like he will? Or not at all?
  6. Jorge Messi:Yeah, yeah. He definitely likes it, when he has a ball he just runs away with it on his feet...
  7. Interviewer:Oh my God, oh my God! The Messis, oh my God!! The Messis!!!
  8. Jorge Messi:(Laughs)
  9. Interviewer:[...] Like many great footballers and many great athletes, Leo has a life of his own outside the pitch... How is that exactly?
  10. Jorge Messi:Leo's private life is very normal, he has his own family, he LOVES his family. He tries to keep them away from the spotlight, he tries to not mix things up, his career is one thing and his family another even though of course he showed off his son once or twice but that's normal because he's proud of him, like any father would be of their own children. But he always tries to keep them safe and away from the public eye.
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El domingo es el dia de la madre en Argentina, ojala Leo suba algo :)

El año pasado lo hizo, verdad? Ojala este año tambien!! :)

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Thiago’s fans from China

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34,400 spectators. On October 16 in 2004, over 30,000 fans filled the Montjuïc for the Catalan derby between Espanyol and FC Barcelona. It was Messi’s first game with the senior side.

And the rest is…History
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Antonela’s recent visit to Dante Palavechino hairdresser studio.

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ey ahí te paso el link de una foto que se ve le sacaron ayer cuando fue a la pelu en rosario la chica le dice que la van a extrañar así que es muy probable que ayer o por estos días este en Barcelona por ahí leo que se quejan pero si se hubiera ido con daniella también se hubieran quejado….se fue a ver a su familia si leo no iba a estar por 2 semanas que iba hacer…de locos…saludos! =)
Es la de Palavecino?? Estoy desde mi teléfono y manejar todo es complicado pero bueno, entiendo totalmente lo que dices :)
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