A blog dedicated to Leo Messi and his flawless girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo.
As of Nov 2, 2012 also officially dedicated to Thiago Messi Roccuzzo, first child of the couple.
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Interviewer: [Talk about Leo being the most comfortable when surrounded by children] …I can just imagine what you’re gonna be like with your son!

Leo: (BEAMS) Yeah, I don’t know… The truth is I’m very happy, very eager for him to arrive…

Interviewer: Has it sunk in yet?

Leo: I think it hasn’t. I think the moment I hold him in my arms it will finally sink in.

Interviewer: And he’s never going to be alone, he’s going to be surrounded by people all the time. [Your parents] Have always been crazy about the grandchildren…

Leo: (Smiles) Yeah…

Interviewer: Surely it will be the same with Thiago…

Leo: Yeah, I can assure you they’re still like that… (BEAMS) Maybe even more and he’s not even born yet. He’s gonna be surrounded by a lot of people, a lot of family. And her family, for her parents he will be the first grandchild, for her sisters the first nephew… Surely he will be the most pampered kid.

Interviewer: Do you worry about him liking football? Would you take him out there on the pitch with you? Or maybe you just don’t care…

Leo: No, I don’t care. Of course I’d like to enjoy all this with him. That he understands what I do, what I’ve done. That he understands a little bit. But I’m telling you, I would never tell him or force him to become a footballer… But later I don’t know, I might drive him crazy to make him like football (laughs).

Interviewer: Like Kun did with Benjamin…

Leo: (LAUGHS) Of course!

Interviewer: At two years old he was already as good as both of you!

Leo: (Smiles) That depends on every one but I’m sure he’s gonna like football. He’s gonna be surrounded by the cousins, by us who are always playing with a ball so I’m sure he’s gonna like it, but that’s the least important thing.

Leo: I never dreamed of achieving everything I have so far and the one thing I still have to achieve is winning the World Cup with Argentina.

Interviewer: I think you were waiting for Thiago!


Interviewer: Otherwise he was going to tell you: “Dad, I didn’t see you winning it!”

Leo: (BEAMS) I hope so, I hope so! He’ll be two years old by then so… That would be beautiful.

Interviewer: I’m pretty sure he’ll understand what it means.

Leo: (BEAMS!!!!!!!!!!!)

Interviewer: Leo, thank you! Keep being this way and say hello to your family from me.

Leo: Thank you!

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note: Y’all need to see it if only to just see Leo’s face light up every time he thinks of Thiago, IT’S FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!! *____*

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Hey guys, I’m going on vacation tomorrow and  most likely I’ll be gone this whole week. Since I’m going to a beach on a really small town and I’ll be traveling without my laptop and ipad I doubt I’ll be able to check things out over here. I already queued some old posts so the blog won’t be completely dead but I won’t be able to update with new stuff until I come back. And as always, my inbox is open if you want to submit anything or leave a message.

That’s it! I hope you have a great week and hopefully when I come back I’ll see new pics of Leo, Anto and/or bb Thiago *crosses fingers*

See you next Sunday! …Or Monday, I’m not sure yet :P

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Q: What is going on with barcelona? They lost again!!

Welllll, we basically have a bunch of morons running the club and this is just the result of the awful management in the last few years. I pity Tata and the players because they truly have done everything they could given the circumstances :(

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Q: A mi me da lastima que culpen a Leo de todo, a el que los viene salvando hace años, mucha ingratitud. Y el lo aguanta todo.

Ughhhhh, eso me da tanto coraje!!! Es el mejor por mucho y es tan leal al club y hay mucho idiota que no lo aprecia, me dan ganas de golpearlos la verdad!! >:(((

Leo, te amo!!! <3333333333

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Q: A menos que ganen Copa, va a ser muy dificil volver a ver fotos de Anto, Leo o Thiago...

Ayyyyyyyyyy ni me recuerdes que ya estoy super triste :’((((((

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Q: how old is antonella?

She’s 26 :)

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