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Anonymous said to :

carla and paula have children? is paula married?

Afaik, no and no. Both of them have just boyfriends, I think :)

Anonymous said to :

why did daniella delete the pic in ig where she was jumping with florencia anto’s friend?

I have no idea, I don’t really pay attention to her tbh…

Anonymous said to :

sera que el video de lia anima a anto a subir uno igual?

Ayyyyyyyyyyy, ojala!!! Pero no creo ;__;

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antoroccuzzo88 left a comment on cescf4bregas’s video: Lia ♥♥♥ You’re so beautiful!

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Extraño estas tardes

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Anonymous said to :

so it ends up like leo neever had girlfriend until anto (they started dating 2008 ,he was then 21,i don’t believe that he dated girl you said it was rumor and it’s not macarena,the other one,but i thought he was with macarena,i mean why not? he was young and naive… )but come on,he needed to date some girl until 21 ,even anto had boyfriend before leo and she’s 1 year younger than him…

Hahaha yeah, idk. Apparently the thing with Macarena never happened and the other girl was actually more like a hook up, not a girlfriend or anything like that but yeah, that was mostly a rumor. There’s no much info about that from those years and the Argie press apparently didn’t pay a lot of attention, at least they never had solid proof. Besides, he spent most of that time in Spain so who knows?…

Anonymous said to :

do you have pictures of thiago messi with messi’s parents? if so can you post them

With just the two of them? I only can think of these two :)

 said to :

It’s the video of anto and thiago going to milan with the team, we can hear her saying gracias at the passport control

Yeah, the anon mentioned another video where you could see and hear her talking with Rosell tho :(

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First Instagram photo on the official account of Lionel Messi to surpass 1 million likes

Anonymous said to :

who did leo date before Antonella

Welll, there’s no official info about that but there were two girls apparently. Macarena Lemos (this one I think was pretty official) and Luciana Salazar (this one was mostly a big ~rumor~).

Calendriel () submitted to :

So Anonymous - whoever you are  - you are going to steel Leo from Antonella? I’d say good luck with that as to me it is pretty obvious that he loves her a lot… I doubt very much that you will succeed…hahahaha

And if you are so hot…then why not show us here with a piccie of yourself?

Hey, anon from yesterday, this one is for you :)

Anonymous said to :

do u love more messi or anto?

Definitely Leo! ♥♥♥

Anonymous said to :

There is also a video in which Anto speaks and her voice is more clear I think. It was when she had gone to the airport with Thiago, Daniella and Lia.

Really? I don’t remember this one, do you have a link?? :)

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Anonymous said to :

Do you know who Leo is following on Instagram? tyy :) Love your blog

Here :) Maybe he followed someone else since then tho, idk because I don’t have an IG so I can’t check it myself…

Anonymous said to :

I’m on the road to stealing messi from Antonella .. Soon the world will know :) I’m way hotter than Antonella I can tell you this much

You’re hotter than this????????? Damn gurl, can I have your number????

Wait no, I have a gf so forget it…. Ummm okay, just don’t be a homewrecker pls!!!!!!!!! :P

Anonymous said to :

Do you have a video of Antonella talking or something? I’m so curious about her voice.

Here and here, you can barely hear her tho :(

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Anonymous mused
How long Messi and Antonella dating? That was the question;)

Oh, okay! :)

Apparently since 2008, tho some say they actually started dating back in 2006. They were spotted together for the first time in Feb, 2009 in Spain but Leo had already said he had a girlfriend the year before or so, that’s why most people give 2008 as the official start of their (romantic) relationship.

So that would make it… 6 years! :)

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My two favorite babes

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