A blog dedicated to Leo Messi and his flawless girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo.
As of Nov 2, 2012 also officially dedicated to Thiago Messi Roccuzzo, first child of the couple.
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Q: could you tell the story of Ursula and Antonela? i never knew about it :(

Actually I’m not 100% sure the girl in the story it’s Ursula but anyway, back in idk, 2010 (after the World Cup) an article about Antonela and Leo came out and one of the stories was about how they reconnected when Leo went back to Argentina for the holidays I think and it was at the same time that one of Antonela’s closest friends from school died when she was run over by a drunk driver. This happened in 2005, Antonela was 17 and obviously this left her terribly depressed, she even missed school because it really affected her. Leo heard about it and immediately went to see her to see if he could do anything for her and he never left her side while she recovered. And that’s basically the story. 

And looking at Anto’s latest IG pic some assume that Ursula is the girl who died back then. So we were saying that even though what happened was very tragic it’s good to see that her family is trying to help stop drunk driving with the organization they started (Compromiso Vial) and that Anto still remembers her and is trying to help them by spreading the word.

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Q: when movie will be realased,can you do some researches on web and post link where we can watch it online..i'll do too! :D

Yes, definitely! I think the movie will be released on tv first (or simultaneously on theaters) so I’m pretty sure a streaming/download link will be available soon after the premiere :)

And if anybody finds it first please let me know! Just a heads-up tho, the movie will be in Spanish and it might take some time before English subtitles are available and I can’t do anything about that :(

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Q: Tengo la sensación de que Ursula es la amiga de Anto que murio em un accidente de tránsito hace unos largos años. Que siempre cuentan que coincidió con un viaje de Leo a Arg, y el no se separo de su lado. Cuando no eran novios todavía.

Justo acabo de leer tu mensaje porque se me pasó hace rato no se como pero si, parece que es ella. Que triste todo la verdad pero parece que con la organizacion que hicieron en su nombre pueden ayudar a otros y eso es algo muy bueno. Y que bueno ver que Anto no se olvida de ella.

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Q: I made some internet search about the last anto IG photo, it is about one organization compromiso vial, it seems it is founded by the mother and sister of anto's friend who died in 2005 in car accident, in the photo description among other things anto says ursisiempreenmicorazon, the name of the girl was ursula (if u remember one article saying that anto was very bad, not going to school after the accident and leo running to comfort her) anyway very touching, and nice from anto

Oh yeah, I remember that story! I never knew any details except those from the article you mentioned but when I read it I thought it was really sad and tragic. The organization seems like a good way to cope and help others in the process so good for them and good for Anto for not forgetting her either.

And thanks for sharing! :)

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Q: do u know when and where we can see the movie?

As far as I know there’s no official release date yet. I do know that it’s supposed to come out before the World Cup so I’d say next month is a good bet. I don’t know if it will be released worldwide tho, maybe just in Argentina (Latin America) / Spain but I’ll keep an eye on any news and update accordingly so everybody knows :)

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Q: can't wait to see the movie.... <3

Same!!! :)

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Fiorela Duranda, the little actress chosen to play Antonela Roccuzzo in Alex de la Iglesia’s upcoming movie/documentary about Leo Messi.

[First Pic] With Juani (Messi, my boyfriend) and Agus (his brother) in the movie.

[Second Pic] With Alex de la Iglesia, director of the movie.

Thanks marijacela! <333

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Ha sido el futbolista por excelencia pero ahora no atraviesa su mejor momento. Leo Messi está viviendo un final de Liga muy complicado. Por ello, su chica, Antonella Roccuzzo, quiso animarlo y subió una foto a Instagram que enterneció a sus seguidores y fanáticos.

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the most faithful fans :)

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