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Anonymous said to :

For me Anto is really looking pregnant on these photos and video…

You think? I honestly don’t know…

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Por lo que dicen los medios argentinos, Leo viaja hoy a la noche a Argentina para estar presente en el funeral de Grondona, ex-presidente de la AFA.


Ese va a ser un viaje muuuuuy largo…

Anonymous said to :

"Fiu fiu" is like a whistling sound (not trying to sound condescending or anything, just in case someone doesn’t know!)

Hahaha, np! <3 Yeah, it’s the wolf whistle :)

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At Ponza, Italy

Lunch at restaurant “Orestorante”

Leonella @ Ponza

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At Ponza

 said to :

Did anto cut her hair?

Umm idk, I don’t think so…

Anonymous said to :

The pic that Messi posted named Friends, the boy beside Leo is Deco’s son and the other boys his friends

Ohh okay, thanks! :)

Anonymous said to :

Ojala vacacionen al menos un dia en ibiza ajajaj asi tendriamos mas fotos.

Jajaja, los paparazzis españoles son mas confiables :P


Btw, dear basia, you sent me a FB link but it just gives me error every time I try to open it so maybe you could submit the content so I can take a look?? Thanks anyway, for everything! ♥

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The Messi Roccuzzo family in Italy

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