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  1. Sette:Vasco Rossi once said that real men don't dance, but they can cry...
  2. Leo:I cried when my son Thiago was born. It was a difficult birth. Very difficult. At one point the doctors started going back and forth and I didn't understand what was happening...
  3. Sette:You were there?
  4. Leo:Yes, I was there. It took a long time. I'll never forget it. But everything went right in the end, thank God.
  5. Sette:Do you believe in God?
  6. Leo:Yes. Although I do admit I don't practice it much.
  7. Sette:In short, Messi does not go to church ...
  8. Leo:No, rarely.
  9. Sette:Do you watch movies that make you cry?
  10. Leo:Yes but I prefer movies that make me laugh. When I watch movies with Antonella we prefer thrillers.
  11. Sette:Action movies?
  12. Leo:No, I don't like them.
  13. Sette:Favorite actors?
  14. Leo:I like the Argentine actor Ricardo Darín. But also Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Will Smith...
  15. Sette:And actresses?
  16. Leo:Actresses...I can't think of any... It's not like I watch a lot of movies.
  17. Sette:If you don't watch football and you don't watch movies, what do you watch on tv?
  18. Leo:I watch cartoons with Thiago.
  19. Sette:But he's only seven months old, I'm sure he doesn't understand them yet!
  20. Leo:But he laughs...
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